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Bradbury Group

Bradbury Group ("BFG") is a comprehensive financial institution consisting of several licensed professional entities that specialize in offering international securities brokerage, asset management, external asset management services under diversified products and quality services in serving sophisticated and professional investors globally.

The licensed entities within the BFG group includes Bradbury Securities Limited (“BSL”) and Bradbury Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited ("BAMHK") which are licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to conduct Dealing in Securities (Type 1), Advising on Securities (Type 4) and Asset Management (Type 9) regulated activities. BFG group has intention to further expand the range of licensed services it can provide to its clients in order to achieve the ultimate objectives of total wealth creation, management and preservation.

We have a wide range of investors which include pension funds, foundations, endowments, corporations, financial investors, high networth individuals and etc. Our prime private equity portfolios spans across capital markets, oil & gas, real estate developments, green energy technology, media entertainment, commodities trading and others.